P7-C Class 4 Electric Chassis Cab

P7-C Class 4 Electric Chassis Cab


pioneering technology

REE’s disruptive x-by-wire corner technology enables a completely flat and modular chassis that supports all mission-specific EVs from class 1 to class 6. REE’s EV platforms provide maximum room for passengers, cargo and batteries with the smallest footprint.

REE Platform


The absence of mechanical components between wheels eliminates packaging constraints for best-in-class low-load floor heights


Flexibility in REEcorner™ placement to meet precise requirements for vocational equipment/body installations, load distribution and dimensional needs


Placed between REEcorners and straight rails for protected and unconstrained modular battery cell packaging with flexibility to meet fleet needs for increased range, temporary seasonal demand, etc.


Agnostic to driver input for manual or autonomous driving (AD) system control and flexibility in driver position: cab forward or rearward, left-hand or right-hand drive


The low and smooth chassis together with other REE design features  reduce underbody turbulence and aerodynamic drag resulting in less energy consumption and  better acceleration and/or top speed

Manufacturing Approach

REE’s state of the art integration center in the UK brings together the very best in technology and unrivalled expertise to assemble the innovative REEcorner™.

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2021 EV Platform of the Year

SF Design

2021 Winner

BNEF Pioneer

2020 BloombergNEF Pioneer Award

IDA Design

Gold Winner 2020

European Design

European Product Design 2020 Honorable Mention Award


2020 Automotive Tech Company of the Year


2020 ACES Award
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