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REEimagine the future. Together.

REE’s disruptive technology enables a complete flat and modular chassis with optimal freedom of design, allowing multiple body configurations on a single platform, reducing space and weight and increasing efficiency.

the wheel reinvented

When you put the entire drive components into the corner of the car magic happens.

one chassis fits all

the best minds

the best minds

What partners Say

Musashi and REE share a vision for the future of automotive platforms – a zero emission, energy efficient, modular platform with an optimized footprint. Together we are making that vision a reality and we are delighted to showcase the results of that partnership for the first time in Europe.

Hiroshi Otsuka

CEO of Musashi

We can see REE’s technology has huge potential in the autonomous driving world, as it makes the electrification process highly efficient with its new modular platform

Mitsubishi Corporation

It was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and build Flatformer together with REE, which we unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show 2019. REE and Hino share the same vision of “creating a sustainable and vividly prosperous future and reinventing the concept of mobility to deliver new value”.


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