The Revolutionary Modular EV Platform

REEcorner™ technology advantages

REE Auto is redefining the commercial vehicle industry with our fully modular electric vehicle platform. We don’t believe the vehicles and fleets of the future need to be constrained by centuries-old technology and vehicle architecture. Instead, we seek to develop a versatile, customizable, modular platform that can be adapted to mission-specific applications. With this level of versatility, fleet operators and OEMs can design and develop vehicles tailored to their exact requirements while reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • Best-in-class function – right-sized and right-functioned vehicles for optimal volumetric efficiency, maneuverability, serviceability, and safety
  • Energy efficiencies – Minimum aerodynamic drag and energy consumption
  • Operational efficiencies – reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivery cycle times, improved driver ergonomics, and faster time to market


The REEcorner™ integrates all critical vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into a single compact module between the chassis and the wheel. Each REECorner™ is completely independent and controlled by its own electronic control unit (ECU), with a REEcenter ECU that controls all corner-level functions.

Fully sprung, American Axle & Manufacturing 3-in-1, high RPM drive unit, integrating oil-cooled electric drive unit, inverter, and gear box with drive-by-wire control.  Available all-wheel, front-wheel, or rear-wheel drive.

48V steer-by-wire technology available as front-wheel or all-wheel steer

48V electro-hydraulic brake-by-wire technology

Advanced data collection sensors for thousands of data points per second, per corner

Smart monitoring for preventative maintenance, artificial intelligence (AI) and over-the-air (OTA) updates

Capable of REEcorner quick replacements in under an hour with single dry connection for 400V, 48V, and cooling lines


The REE platform is fully flat end-to-end, scalable, and modular, enabling complete design freedom and optimal volumetric efficiency for class 1 to 6 commercial vehicles.


The REE platform enables mission-specific EV applications based on exact business needs for commercial EVs. The REE platform’s scalable technology allows it to carry mission-specific top hats without the need to design custom platforms, for significant savings in development cost and timing.

The absence of mechanical components between wheels eliminates packaging constraints for best-in-class low-load floor heights

The low and smooth chassis together with other REE design features  reduce underbody turbulence and aerodynamic drag resulting in less energy consumption and  better acceleration and/or top speed

Agnostic to driver input for manual or autonomous driving (AD) system control and flexibility in driver position: cab forward or rearward, left-hand or right-hand drive

Flexibility in REEcorner placement to meet precise requirements for vocational equipment/body installations, load distribution and dimensional needs

Agnostic to battery chemistry or supplier. Placement between REEcorners and straight rails provides protected and unconstrained modular battery cell packaging with flexibility to meet fleet needs for increased range, temporary seasonal demand, etc.

X-by-wire and Safety

REE’s proprietary x-by-wire technology provides full steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire independent wheel control. This technology eliminates mechanical components between the wheels, thus enabling a fully-flat chassis, driver position flexibility, low step-in height, and improved vehicle maneuverability.

  • X-by-wire control for independent wheel drive, steer, and brake functions enables superior electronic stability control (ESC) in adverse conditions and in emergency maneuvers for optimal safety
  • REEcornertmTM individual brake systems for compact and efficient hydraulic systems enables industry-leading time to lock of <100mS
  • REEcornerTM and REEcenter ECUs with AutoSAR and Functional Safety (FuSa) applications-compliant with ISO 262626; Fail operational designs via redundancies in hardware and software ensure that vehicle function is preserved during any single adverse failure
  • ISO 21434 compliance for cybersecurity – REEcorner ECUs perform local control coordinated by the REEcenter ECU which is the only point of entry to the vehicle
  • 48V Steering & Brake Systems – future-proofed technology enables downsized harnesses and actuators with optimal performance
  • Silicon carbide (SiC) inverters can support future 800V operation

Modularity & Scalability

Each REEcornerTM family covers a section of the entire range of gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) from Class 1 to Class 6 Within a family of corners, significant synergies enable the efficient development of variants, generally differentiated based on location within the REEcornerTM:
  • Inboard of the subframe includes traction drive systems and steering & braking actuation. Here, configuration and modularity for 2WD vs. AWD, and front-wheel steer vs. all wheel steer are simply executed
  • Inboard systems are relatively consistent from application to application, maximizing core system and component commonization
  • Includes REEcornerTM suspension and foundation braking systems
  • Generally, these include industry-standard off-the-shelf components to allow for mission-specific customization while minimizing unique development requirements.

REE’s zone architecture and x-by-wire systems remain generally consistent throughout the entire range of applications from Class 1 to Class 6.  This advantage of x-by-wire control enables significant development synergies by preserving core FuSa and Autosar based Software Development achievements including motion and stability dynamic functions and ISO 26262 and 21434. 

Vehicle Architecture comparison


Legacy design

Electric car

Powertrain remains between the wheels, with mechanical steering & braking components

REE's technology

REEcorners™ with modules with by-wire steering, drive and braking, for a fully flat platform from front to rear

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