Winter Testing: Our Team Pushing the P7-C to the Extreme

February 13, 2024

At REE we’re all committed to delivering cutting-edge electric mobility solutions that stand out, in all conditions. That’s why we have such a rigorous testing and validation process.

As part of this process, right now a team of our highly skilled engineers are braving the elements for a two-month long winter test program at the Colmis proving ground in Arjeplog in Sweden – where the average temperature was a nice and chilly -17°C (2°F) in January!

We’re a few weeks into this year’s winter testing now, and our P7 vehicles have covered hundreds of kilometers every day in sub-zero temperatures across snow and ice tracks, all while capturing a huge amount of invaluable data.

But our winter testing program isn’t just about our vehicles mastering extreme environments. The tests are also a big part of our commitment to making sure our vehicles meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability.

Not only that, testing in these kinds of environments helps us address the voice of the customer (VOC) in particularly cold regions. A big priority for us, as we always aim to address the specific needs of our customers, whatever their challenges.

During this winter’s testing, we completed several verification and validation activities including ABS and Traction Control Systems. We’re simulating real-world scenarios, with tests that replicate lots of different conditions. This will include putting vehicles through cold soaks and evaluating their ability to withstand and perform even after prolonged exposure to extreme cold. Cold start testing like this helps us make sure our vehicles will start reliably and operate as they should in even the coldest temperatures.

We’re also testing a variety of charging conditions because we know it’s important for our customers to have a reliable charging experience with their EV vehicle fleet. These tests include overnight charging in the cold conditions, so we can understand our vehicles’ ability to efficiently recharge, in the harshest weather.

It’s certainly been a chilly few weeks, but despite the challenges, the REE team is plowing ahead to put our vehicles through their paces and capture that all important data which helps us to continually improve and develop our solutions.

Testing is such an important part of our journey to deliver exceptional electric mobility solutions, and there’s plenty more to come in both cold and hot conditions in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!