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REE is disrupting and revolutionizing the electric mobility industry and aims at becoming the standard for the future electric vehicle architecture. There has never been a more exciting time to be part of a technology company such as REE and no industry offers more fast-paced change and opportunity than today’s automotive industry. REE is at the epicentre of the electric mobility revolution that will completely change the world to a cleaner place.

We collaborate with worldwide, leading automotive players and technology companies to facilitate the development, engineering and assembly of our technology and bring it to automotive-grade, mass-production worthy products.

We are looking for a Thermal System Control Engineer based at our engineering centre in Coventry.

In this position you will be responsible for co-developing the Thermal System Control logic and Control model(s) the support of an external supplier. 

You will also be responsible for the integration of the Thermal System Control Model(s) into existing Virtual tools CAE tools [GT Suite / Matlab Simulink models] and Physical Hardware (prototype control environment or Target ECU) to support Thermal Rig(s) and Vehicle Testing.

You will also support activities related to the control of the Thermal System during Virtual and Physical testing, with a focus on developing and implementing efficient thermal control strategies.

You will also support activities related to the DFMEA containment actions that must be delivered via Control Software as part of the DFMEA Validation Plan.


  •  Lead Thermal System Control model development and validation work streams for each vehicle build phase, to ensure Thermal System Control functionality meets program deliverables.
  • Collaborate with Refrigerant and Coolant System Engineers to ensure that Thermal System components are suitable for supporting the control functionality and control diagnostics required to support program deliverables.
  • Collaborate with CAE Engineers to support integration of Thermal System Control into Thermal System 1-D Model(s), to develop innovative and efficient thermal control strategies.
  • Develop prototype control model(s) and support integration into prototype control environment capable of providing appropriate digital (LIN / CAN / PWM) and analogue control for Thermal Rig testing and Vehicle testing using appropriate tools i.e. Canalyser.
  • Develop and calibrate Thermal System Control model(s) during Virtual and Physical test and validation (Software in Loop and Model In Loop) work streams, to ensure Thermal System Control functionality supports the Thermal System to meet program deliverables.
  • Support Integration and testing of Thermal Control model into targate ECU to support vehicle builds and Hardware in Loop test and validation work streams.
  • Test and validate Thermal System Control diagnostic functions to ensure vehicle and / or system level requirements are delivered as part of the Thermal System DFMEA Validation Plan to confirm all detection and mitigation actions behave as expected.
  • Test and validate Thermal System Control End of Line [EoL] and service functions [i.e. Fluid recovery -> fill procedure(s) and degas procedure(s)], to ensure vehicle and / or system level requirements are delivered as part of the Thermal System Service and Maintenance requirements.
  • Support Thermal System Control integration and Thermal System Comissioning on Prototype Vehicle builds.
  • Support Platform Control Optimisation work streams, to balance Thermal System attribute [Battery Thermal Management, REE Corner Thermal Management & Occupant Comfort] delivery and vehicle and / or system level efficiency target delivery.


Qualifications / Experience:

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or similar).
  • Matlab Simulink modelling experience.
  • Co-Simulation experience.
  • 1-D Simulation Tools [GT Suite / AMESIM / Dymola].
  • Thermal System data acquisition and prototype control using development tools [Canalyzer / PCAN etc.].
  • Good understanding of Automotive Thermal Systems including both Coolant and Refrigerant circuits.
  • Thermal Rig / Climatic Wind Tunnel Test experience.
  • Knowledge of HV battery, Electrified Drive Units [EDU] and Power Electronics is advantageous.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Working experience of Microsoft Office products including SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • ILR to live and work in the UK. REE do not offer work permits, visas or sponsorships
  • Office Location: REE Engineering Centre, Coventry

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