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Next-generation EV platform: Ready to carry the future of e-Mobility

REE Automotive is an electric platform leader reinventing e-mobility. Unrestricted by legacy thinking, REE has developed the next generation EV platform which is completely flat, scalable and modular providing customers full design freedom to create the broadest range of EV and autonomous vehicles for current and future applications, including last mile delivery, MaaS, light to medium duty EV logistics and robo taxis.

REE has developed two core innovations: the REEcorner integrates all traditional vehicle components into the arch of the wheel and thus carrying the REEboard – a completely flat and modular electric platform.

REE’s approach is cost efficient and offers multiple customer benefits including vehicle design freedom, package optimization, increased energy efficiency, faster development time, ADAS compatibility, reduced maintenance costs and compliance with global safety standard.

REE is supported by an exclusive network of Tier 1 automotive partners providing access to 320 global production lines, effectively making REE the next generation EV platform ready to carry the future of e-mobility.

Our Partners

Supported by our partners, world leading automotive Tier 1 and automakers, we ensure the delivery of cutting edge, automotive grade technology at large scale

"We can see REE’s technology having a huge potential in the autonomous driving world, as it makes the electrification process highly efficient with its new modular platform"
“We are excited about our collaboration with REE and our ability to offer another capability to support potential new customers and MaaS”
Magna International
“We are excited to partner with REE and share its revolutionary EV vision by engineering a suspension subsystem that supports the needs of tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem”


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