Fleet Electrification Powered by REE.

Transitioning your fleet to electric doesn’t need to be difficult. REE can guide you through the process, enabling an efficient and strategic transition that you’ll be glad you did. And probably wish you’d done sooner.

A lower Total Cost of Ownership

UPFIT ready

Increase Driver satisfaction and retention

Sustainable, economically & ecologically

Incentives to lower upfront costs

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Transitioning your fleet to electric requires success in two key areas: efficiency and strategy. Which is why our best-in-class, next-generation commercial electric vehicles are backed by a stellar fleet support network.

Best-in-class EV Technology

The next generation of commercial vehicles will be powered by REE’s revolutionary EV platform. Our EV platform provides a fully-flat, scalable, and modular solution for customers to implement vocational-specific electric vehicles efficiently.

The payoff? Industry-leading maneuverability, visibility, low step-in height, improved aerodynamics, and ease of service. The future of sustainable mobility is here.

Upfit Ready

No two fleets have the exact same business needs or use cases, and yours will be no different. Whether your upfit solution needs to be conventional or customized, the low floor of the P7-C platform offers the best use of space, and the most exciting upfit possibilities. It’s all possible, and REE is how.


REE’s dealer network has continued to expand as word of our game-changing x-by-wire and REECorner™ technologies and strategic production partnership has grown. Our dealers can offer a streamlined purchasing process, including financing options and service packages.


REE can help companies secure the necessary funding to help make the seamless transition to EV through vehicle and charging infrastructure financing.


Shifting to electric vehicles for your fleet program offers the potential for tax credits and other incentives, like rebates and grants. REE will work with you to take advantage of available government rebate programs at the federal and state level as well as other financial support.

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