Powered by REE, Driven by Navya

December 8, 2021

The automotive landscape is constantly shifting.

As governments and leaders wake up to the climate crisis, twin forces of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving are converging and creating a new playing field.

It’s incredibly exciting to see this shift happen right before our eyes, and we’re happy to announce that as a new automotive future emerges, we have reached a key milestone with our partner Navya, a leading player in the development of autonomous vehicle systems, successfully completing validation testing and verification of our REEcorner™ & control technology.

Our partnership with Navya dates back to April this year. Since that time, we’ve been working hand-in-hand to bring to life our game-changing autonomous vehicle solution which integrates our REEcorner™ & control technology with Navya’s autonomous self-driving shuttles.

Game changer in industry

Working together with Navya, our goal is to bring forth autonomous vehicles that are game-changers in the industry, offering more room for both passengers and cargo, as well as fully autonomous capabilities alongside highest performance, safety and drivability features.

The first phase of testing covered a broad range of parameters including dynamic vehicle behavior, forward and reverse acceleration, braking, cornering, U-turns, 360° degree turning, emergency braking and more.

The REEcorners™ installed on the EV platform prototype successfully met and exceeded all KPIs.

Following the successful completion of phase 1 testing and validation of REEcorner™ technology with Navya, the subsequent phase with the next generation of prototypes will take place in Q2 2022.

How we did it

We fitted a dedicated metal frame on top of a REE EV platform to enable vehicle-representative positioning of hardware such as lidars and sensors for validation testing.

REE prototype platform used for first phase of REEcorner™ & control technology validation tests for Navya’s autonomous vehicles
REE platform and frame that will be used to secure hardware (e.g. lidars & sensors)

Following the tests, Navya accepted the EV platform prototype for further testing and integration into their level 4 autonomous systems for passenger goods and transport. The REE prototype shipment to Navya after extensive testing and validation is testament to the maturity level of our solutions.

More on REEcorner™

REEcorner™ technology packs critical vehicle components (e.g. steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control) into a single compact module located between the chassis and the wheel, enabling fully-flat EV platforms. REE’s ultra-modular EV platforms are designed to offer enhanced payload capacity by providing more room for carrying passengers, cargo and batteries and enhanced body design flexibility and autonomous capability.

REE’s corner and control technology is particularly suited for autonomous vehicle customers, reducing the time to testing: REEcorner™ drive-by-wire functionality enables autonomous drive system validation from the earliest stage of development, in parallel with vehicle development.

The AV future

The integration of the REEcorner™ technology and Navya’s autonomous self-driving, state-of-the-art mobility solutions highlights two leaders in the automotive industry collaborating to enable a connected future. ‘Powered by REE, Driven by Navya’ is an innovation in the AV space and can serve as the cornerstone for next-generation, zero-emission vehicles.

We are truly excited by the opportunities this partnership with Navya affords and the endless possibilities in the AD realm.

Navya team receives prototype delivery from REE