P7T Platform

  • Cargo
  • Autonomous Cargo

P7T overview

REE’s innovative P7 platform technology can accommodate medium-duty commercial vehicles up to 7-ton.

The large driveable EV platform that maximizes carrying capacity

  • 6010 mm Length
  • 1995 mm Width
  • 2600 mm Height
  • up to 7000 kg Gross vehicle weight
  • 6.6 m Turning radius
Cabin & Load
  • 4000 kg Max. payload
  • 17 m3 Load volume
  • 470 mm Loading floor height 
  • 3200kg /5200kg Axle permissible load 
Drivetrain & Power
  • 110 km/h Max. speed
  • up to 250 km Range
  • 100 kWh Battery capacity
  • 450V Voltage 
Control & Autonomy
  • 5 ECU Zone electronics architecture
  • OTA update
  • ASIL_D, ISO26262 Safety standards
  • Autonomous Ready
* This is a sample spec which can be modified per application. REEcorners provide full flexibility to build your own design.


Loading and unloading heavy duty vehicles are no longer a burden with REE’s unique one box chassis design. With no suspension on the chassis itself, there’s no component blocking access so trucks are accessible from all sides. And since our unique flat design has a lower step height – truck content is easily and quickly handled saving time, money while keeping logistics on schedule.


Despite its heavy duty volume capacity, the platform has a small footprint giving way to a vehicle which is both lighter in weight and easy to drive, park and handle.

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