New REEcorners & EV Platforms!

REEcorners pack critical vehicle components into a single compact module, enabling fully-flat, modular EV platforms and complete freedom of body design.

REEcorners allow customers to benefit from mission-specific vehicles purpose-built for their exact needs, so they are not limited to just off-the-shelf offerings.

Daniel Barel, Co-Founder & CEO:
“We believe that REEcorner technology will enable new EV platforms and designs to be adopted at lower costs and with faster development times than conventional EV skateboards.”

REEcorners afford completely versatility and flexibility based on X-by-Wire technology, empowering customers to select from an extensive range of parameters and functions including:

  • EV platform selection – based on customers’ preferred length,
    width & height
  • Drive – all wheel, front or rear-wheel x-by-wire drive
  • Steering – all wheel or front wheel x-by-wire steering
  • Drive mode – human or autonomous
  • Payloads – from 350 to 5,000 kg (770 to 11,000 pounds)

Auto manufacturers, OEMs, delivery and logistic companies, e-commerce retailers, Mobility-as-a-Service providers and new mobility players – REE strives to allow you to build your fleet in the optimal, most cost-efficient and fastest manner and with a lower carbon footprint.

Let us tailor an EV for your needs.

Delivery van? Autonomous shuttle? Passenger EV?

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