Introducing FlatFormer from REE.AUTO

A Next-Gen Chassis
for Commercial Vehicle Applications

Discover how REE’s innovative in-wheel motor technology is optimizing electric mobility solutions by placing the entire drive train within the wheel housing for a fully flat chassis. 

Flatformer in Focus

The light-duty FlatFormer chassis, developed by REE in partnership with Hino, delivers optimized space, flexibility and energy efficiency to commercial customers, and supports a diverse range of plug-and-play body configurations that optimize internal vehicle space and provide room for additional in-car batteries and advanced safety technologies.

Request information on REE’s FlatFormer Chassis and let’s reimagine the future of mobility together:


front wheel

  • Traction & Steering Motor
  • Low Wear Brake
  • Data Unit:
    - AI Preventative Maintenance
    - Data gathering and sharing
  • Predictive, Energy Harvesting Suspension​
  • Knuckle
  • Steer by Wire Single Wheel Steer Unit
  • 4 Point RTS™ (Rapid Turnaround System) active NVH Bushing

rear wheel

  • Integrated Drive & suspension Arms
  • Active NVH Bushings
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Predictive Suspension
  • Driver and Inverter
  • Traction & Brake-by-Wire
  • Power Management
  • All Wheel Regenerative Braking
  • Sensing
  • RTS™ (Rapid Turnaround System) Subframe
  • Brake by Wire
  • Motor & Cooling Loop
  • On Demand 6 Wheel Drive Thru Slip Detection

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