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The Future of E-Mobility

At REE, we work as OneREETeam with a clear purpose to drive the change and ignite the future of e-mobility.

Our People

It’s all about the people they build the culture

We are incredibly proud of our talented people; they engineer our innovative vehicles and build the REE EV chassis| REE corners| X-by-wire technology.

Everyone working at REE represents REE, we are all:

  • Dedicated to our mission to disrupt the future of e-mobility
  • Curious to REEwrite & REEconsider e-mobility
  • Innovative and cREEative with electrifying performance
  • Honest with high integrity
  • Agile mindset
  • Great team players who work collaboratively

What We Stand For

Lead the electric and autonomous vehicle industry through technology and innovation. Unbound by legacy thinking, we aim to complete and not compete with current and future industry leaders.

Our Disruptive Technology

REEcorners™ integrate all critical vehicle components into a single compact module, powered by proprietary by-wire technology for drive, steer and brake control that eliminate the need for mechanic connections.

REEboardTM is a completely flat and low electric chassis capable of all-wheel steer and all –wheel drive

Portfolio of about or over 160 Patents**.



  • Single Wheel X-by-Wire Technology of full steer, brake and drive control (SBW/BBW/DBW)
  • State-of-the-art safety redundancies
  • Agnostic to driver position/type (AD/driver)
  • Zone Architecture and Enhanced ESP where REEcornerTM ECUs individually control all XBW components and REEcenterTM controls them all
  • Multi stream sensors for offline or cloud-based data analysis
  • Dedicated protected CAN with malware attacks blocked via proprietary protocols and robust encrypted communications

What To Expect

An incREEdible first day and introductory meetings with key teammates and your manager.
Setting you up for success meetings to set R&Rs and feedback sessions for your first 3 months.
You will have a dedicated buddy.
Define key partnerships with your manager and build interfaces required in your role.
Support from your teammates across the world as we all work as OneREETeam.
Onboarding meetings with the People team during your first year.
Clarity on our direction at business brunch sessions and town halls.
One to one meetings with your manager to discuss feedback, development and
R&R’s beyond your first 3 months to enable you:

  • Exposure to incredible projects
  • The ability to work on challenges in a high-performance environment
  • Opportunities to give your feedback to be impactful in your role

Policies and Principles

We believe in agile principles, you will find our global policies and local principles on Hibob and Juno, what you need to know;

How We Work

Continuous Learning

We aim to disrupt the e-mobility sector and continuously learn to enhance, broaden and deepen our knowledge. We adopt agile thinking we don’t follow traditional ways.

Great Communication

Communication starts with us; we own our narrative, we listen to understand, and we are curious about new perspectives and possibilities.

Impact & Performance

We measure impact and performance not hours.

We succeed as OneREETeam

Our team’s success is our success. We are respectful and empathetic to each other.

How We Communicate

Touch Points

UK Business Brunch, on the last Thursday of the month we celebrate our incredible people, key milestones, and we learn about business priorities. We also lunch together; we love food treats in the office. Join your teammates and enjoy.

Ree Talks, we learn about the priorities of different teams.

All Hands, for general updates.

New starter mixers, an opportunity to meet your colleagues.

Leadership sessions, to educate and learn.

Round tables, to get feedback from our people.

How We Communicate


Hibob, is our people system and our main communication platform. Hibob is our resource for benefits, holiday, talent reviews and important REE documents. We also use Hibob to communicate goals, get your feedback, recognise each other and share communications. Make sure you update your picture so people can meet you globally. 

MSTeams, for quick updates and questions. It helps us catch up and keep our emails focused. 

Signal UK & Global, for all sorts of updates.

Volunteering events​

our way of partnering together to give back to our communities​

Defining Impact and Mapping Growth

Roles & Responsibilities

Your manager will ensure you are clear on your role and responsibilities and the interfaces you need to establish. This will give you clarity on your deliverables and will help you focus on building key relationships to be successful in your role.

Your growing path

Your manager will explain the expectations on autonomy, influence, knowledge, complexity, interpersonal skills and general skills for your role. Our Career Framework is not hierarchical, we believe in communicating our expectations. If you work hard and you are willing to learn, there is a clear development path for you at REE. 

HR Support

Our people team will support you throughout your onboarding journey and beyond. We will be discussing your feedback to ensure you have the tools to succeed and develop in your role.

How We Celebrate

We succeed as one team, and we celebrate our wins together.

At REE, we socialize often and in different ways. It could be in smaller groups at our Business Brunch sessions in the UK, during an All Hands in Israel, during our happy hour events, at social team activities or by volunteering to give back to our communities but always together.

We also celebrate the moments that matter in your journey; your birthday, REEversary and recognizing your work.

How We Celebrate

We reflect on what worked and what didn’t work.

We identify what went wrong, communicate what happened without blaming and we are open to learn from the experience.​

We encourage people to be curious, keeping in mind that we can’t be curious and angry at the same time.​

We always support our people and when we notice that something is not right, we expect our people to communicate and act with kindness and empathy.

Thank you

Supporting your attendance

We value the contribution you make, and we care for you. To get the help you need, speak with your manager and discuss the support you need to improve your attendance. 


We encourage you to take your full entitlement to do your best work, from the start of the year to the end. You can refer to the principles to check your holiday entitlement.


We spend our money wisely, please refer to the Expenses Policy and Local Expenses Principles when you need to submit your expenses.

Maternity & Paternity

We encourage you to take your leave to welcome your new baby. You can refer to the local principles to check your entitlement.

IT Guidelines

The guidelines describe the IT support available to you.

Quality Policy

REE’s Quality Policy is to provide our customers with an unfailing safe product build with the highest quality and employee driven continuous improvement.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

The code is a resource to help our people properly conduct business on behalf of REE and navigate ethical situations you may encounter. It is intended to help you ask the right questions and make the right decisions.

How We Work

Promote Autonomy

We expect our people to work autonomously, and we trust their decisions.

Clear Expectations

We have a culture of clear feedback; where our people have role specific R&Rs from their start.

We do our best work when we work together

We expect our people to work together. We have created great office spaces to encourage on site collaboration and communication in our learning labs and quiet office areas. It is important for us to build strong team relationships and work collaboratively.