Thermal System Test & Integration Engineer

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About The Position

REE is disrupting and revolutionizing the electric mobility industry and aims at becoming the standard for the future electric vehicle architecture. There has never been a more exciting time to be part of a technology company such as REE and no industry offers more fast-paced change and opportunity than today’s automotive industry. REE is at the epicentre of the electric mobility revolution that will completely change the world to a cleaner place.

We collaborate with worldwide, leading automotive players and technology companies to facilitate the development, engineering and assembly of our technology and bring it to automotive-grade, mass-production worthy products.


We are looking for a Thermal System Test & Integration Engineer based at our engineering centre in Coventry.


In this position you will be responsible for commissioning, validation and calibration of REE Thermal Systems. 


You will also be responsible for the integration of the Thermal System into vehicles as well as supporting the development of virtual CAE tools [1D/CFD Simulations] by capturing and analysing Thermal Rig(s)/Vehicle Test data.


You will also support calibration activities related to the control of the Thermal System during Physical testing, with a focus on developing and implementing efficient thermal control strategies.


You will also support activities related to the DFMEA prevention/detection actions that must be assessed as part of the Thermal System Validation Plan.



  • Lead Physical Verification of Thermal Systems & components to ensure attribute, system and component level requirements are delivered as part of the Thermal System DFMEA Validation Plan.
  • Lead Integration and Calibration of the Thermal System Control Model by supporting Hardware in Loop and Vehicle Testing.
  • Lead Thermal System Commissioning on Prototype Vehicle builds.
  • Analyse & Report Physical data output.
  • Collaborate with Thermal System Principal Engineer, Design Engineer(s) & Suppliers to optimise the Thermal System based on test data and resolve issues.
  • Collaborate with CAE Engineers to support correlation of Thermal System 1-D Model(s)
  • Support Quality History Reviews and Design Failure Mode & Effects Analyses for Design Verification Plan generation, and REE Engineering Design Standards
  • Collaborate and support the Vehicle Test team through creation of instrumentation requests and test procedures.
  • Lead planning, sourcing and delivery of internal/external Thermal System test rigs. 
  • Create and validate Thermal System Control End of Line [EoL] and service functions [i.e. Fluid recovery -> fill procedure(s) and degas procedure(s)], to ensure vehicle and / or system level requirements are delivered as part of the Thermal System Service and Maintenance requirements.
  • Support Platform Control Optimisation work streams, to balance Thermal System attribute [Battery Thermal Management, REE Corner Thermal Management & Occupant Comfort] delivery and vehicle and / or system level efficiency target delivery.


Qualifications / Experience:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, or a related field, or related experience.
  • Proven experience in thermal system design, testing, and development, for on/off highway or motorsport applications
  • Thermal System data acquisition using development tools [Vector CANape]
  • Good understanding of Automotive Thermal Systems including both Coolant and Refrigerant circuits.
  • Vehicle-based Hot Environment/ Cold Environment / Climatic Wind Tunnel Test experience.
  • Rig-based component/system thermal chamber test experience.
  • Thermal System energy consumption optimisation.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to analyze complex thermal issues.
  • Creation of rig and vehicle based test procedures.
  • Knowledge of HV battery, Electrified Drive Units [EDU] and Power Electronics is advantageous.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Working experience of Microsoft Office products including SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • ILR to live and work in the UK. REE do not offer work permits, visas or sponsorships
  • Office Location: REE Engineering Centre, Coventry

Join our dynamic team and contribute to the development of state-of-the-art thermal systems that drive innovation and excellence in the industry. Together, we will revolutionize thermal management solutions and make a significant impact clean transportation.

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